Nestled off the road between Tanilba Bay and Lemon Tree Passage is the quiet town of Mallabula. What a secret!

Meaning "three swamps", Mallabula was a collection of fishing huts on the foreshore and near the jetty until the 1960s at which time clearing took place in preparation for sandmining. Revegetation work did not occur due to the development of a housing estate. The barge used in the sandmining was floated out along a channel cut through the beach near Caswell Reserve, around Tanilba Point, and into another channel cut in the sea wall on Big Swan Bay, to commence sandmining operations there. At the 2006 Census Mallabula had a population of 1,097.

Waterfront town, fantastic nature boardwalk & reserves which are great for those dedicated walkers, or there's a challenging skatepark for energetic kids, a well equipped sports ground, Tilligerry Aquatic Centre.... What else could a family ask for?  No shops to tempt you, just beautiful natural bushland and friendly neighbours.

Tanilba-Mallabula boardwalk

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